11 December 2015

Happy Holo-days

A nail polish in this post was gifted to me, nothing else to disclose.

I had so much fun with yesterdays sparkly look, so I wanted to keep things sparkly.

With 2 snowflakes stamping looks, and 2 snowflakes water decal looks done, I think we all need a little break from those, or maybe that is just me.

A while back I bought some polishes from Soap Dodger and some of them turned out to be a bit different from the swatching pictures I had seen. So I contacted the maker; Kat and we sorted things out. Kat is an amazing lady and you can tell that she is working hard on her business, and loves what she is doing. This is by far the best customer service I have ever experienced.

When I first tried it on and noticed that it was more like a holo topper I wanted to see if it was possible to build it up to full opacity.
I was expecting it to go all goopy and weird, but actually it dried alright.  Wore this look for 2 days before I decided to switch it around a little.

So on my nails you can see 10 coats (!), yeah, I am not kidding around here. This is serious business. I was about to give up around coat number 7, but those last three really did the trick.

Ard As Nails - Gold Holo 

Since I never got my hands on Out The Door - Northern Lights (Gold), I think this is an excellent substitute. No settling holographics either, so no shaking needed to get great results on your nails.
I love it.

Since this is Secretary's Nail Art, I also did a Nail Art look using this polish.
I paired it up with 'Ard As Nails - Blogger Girl. Gold and purple makes a perfect Holiday manicure.

To show what 'Ard As Nails - Gold Holo would look like topped over another polish, I did one coat over Blogger Girl, then I stamped using Uber Chic 3-03 over the 10 coats of holo, and stamped over it with 'Ard As Nails Blogger Girl for the accent. 

Ard As Nails - Blogger girl with Ard As Nails - Gold Holo as accent, stamped using Uber Chic 3-03.

For more Christmas themed nails check out my other designs here.

A nail polish in this post was gifted to me, nothing else to disclose.
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