23 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Today I have skipped the stamping nail art, and rather gone for a look everyone can achieve.
2 polishes. That is all there is to it.
I am super happy with how this turned out, and I can see myself go back to this combination again.

When I walk to work in the morning it is still dark outside, and I can see Christmas Trees in the windows to the houses that I pass, and in the morning light they look like this. Blackened Green.
So this is a look inspired by the Christmas Trees out there, lighting up my walk to work.

I started out with Barry M - Black Pistachio I chose this polish because of the the blackened green shade. also a sucker for the Gelly range from Barry M. Gorgeous.

Then I layered one coat of OPI - Snow Globetrotter. I was so lucky to come across this polish in a bargain section on one of my many travels around the UK. I always make sure to check any local shops that might have nail polishes for some good deals. This was one of them.

Barry M - Gelly - Black Pistachio with one coat of OPI - Snow Globetrotter

Do you see a Galaxy, or a Christmas Tree in this manicure?

For a complete list of my Christmas themed nails follow this link.

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  1. After seeing this post, I now need that top coat! It just looks SO pretty and easy to chuck over the top of any nail varnish!:)


    1. I know right?! Gorgeous! You just gotta have it.


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