15 December 2015

The Hipster Reindeer

After 5 hours of baking I am finally done with 3 different types of Christmas Cookies, and I managed to get a little time for a nail art look for you all. I might be high on sugar, and my belly full of cookie-dough, but I think this look turned out pretty cool.

According to Norwegian Christmas Traditions one is suppose to make 7 different kinds of Christmas Cookies for the big day. With these 3 done, I am now up to 4 different ones, so I only need another session like this and I will be done. Not Christmas without.

Since I have been standing on my feet for so long today, I am going to keep this post short, and I didn't do anything wildly elaborate with my nails today either. I simply did not have enough calm in me to do so.

I started out with a Ciate from my Ciate Mini Advent Calendar.
This time it was Ciate - Hopscotch. This looks like Ciate - Speed Dial to me, so I might have to do a comparison of the two later. Let me know if that is something you want to see.

Ciate - Hopscotch is quite sheer like the rest of the Ciate polishes in the Advent Calendar, for the look today I ended up doing 3 coats. I really did not have enough calm in my body to wait for all those coats to dry, as you can see on my middle finger.. where I smudged off the entire side of the nail. Obs. Girls, don't attempt at painting your nails while on a sugar-high. Not a good combination.

I feel more like running a marathon right now, than painting my nails. Haha. That never happens!

Once it was all dry I grabbed Cheeky - Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays and stamped using Wet N Wild - Black Creme, as an accent I chose Bundlemonsters new BMXL178 from the Work It! -collection.

This is an awesome look, and I immediately snapped a picture and sent to my favorite hipster here in Northern Ireland. The manicure earned themselves not one, but two thumbs up from a real hipster.
I think that is pretty awesome.

Ciate - Hopscotch, stamped using Wet N Wild - Black Creme and Cheeky - Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays, and BMXL178

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