14 December 2015

Midnight Kisses in the Snow

If you are one of those thinking that the look I created yesterday was a little too much work I am toning down the amount of stamping plates used, and keeping to only one plate. Bundlemonster - 323. Flying solo.

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I know I said I was going to stay clear of snowflakes, but it is hard. Specially when the snow is falling outside. That's right. There was a little glimpse of snowfall here today, so snowflakes nails it is.

I started out with applying two coats of China Glaze - Midnight Kiss to all my nails, and topped it over with 'Ard As Nails - Gold Holo. This is the second time this polish I being used this month, and I really love the extra holo on over these gold nails. If you are curious on how 'Ard as Nails - Gold Holo would look like on it's own, check out this post.

I then proceeded to stamp using Sinful Color - Snow Me White using Bundlemonster BM-323.

China Glaze - Midnight Kiss topped with Ard As Nails - Gold Holo and Bundlemonster BM 323 stamping using
Sinful Color - Snow Me White

Only 10 days left until the Nordic Countries are celebrating Christmas, which is on the 24th. I have sent out all the Christmas presents, and Christmas Cards, so now all I have to do it sit and wait for the day to come so I can cook all the amazing food, and eat all the cookies.

Tomorrow is going to be baking day over here, and a Finnish friend of mine is coming over to assist in the Christmas cookies baking. Traditionally we would make 7 different types of Christmas cookies, so I am aiming at getting at least 5 of them done by the 24th. 

I absolutely love these nails! What do you guys think?

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  1. I love seeing all the snowflakes, there are so many different patterns out there! :)

    1. So glad I am not boring you yet with all the snowflake-looks


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