7 December 2015

Stamping Nail Art - Super Placa B - Apipila

I received the sticky marshmallow stamper and scraper, of my own choosing, free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.

Today I have for you a stamping nail art look using the Super Placa B - Apipila stamping plate.

I started out with one coat of Sally Hansen - 85 - Diamonds and Rubies. This polish takes three (!) coats for full opacity, but since I was topping it with another polish I only used one coat.

Then I took Star Gazer - 315, and painted all nails with this gorgeous burgundy glass fleck polish using one coat.

I grabbed my Super Placa B - Apipila stamping plate, Wet n Wild - Black Creme, and my sticky marshmallow stamper and scraper from BornPrettyStore.

Since the image I had picked out for today's design has a lot of thin lines, I wanted to use this stamper as I find that the sticky stampers does a lot better job at grabbing it all and transferring it to my nails.

When stamping with sticky marshmallow stampers I prefer using a rolling motion as to avoid any warping of the image, I have yet to perfect using them.  I really like this stampers, and if you don't have a sticky marshmallow stamper already I would highly recommend getting one. You can get one at BornPrettyStore for $ 5.99, and at the time of writing this it is on sale for $ 3.59. As always BornPrettyStore ships for free, worldwide and for full priced items you can use my code: RAMG10 for 10% off.

What sticky marshmallow stampers are good for:
- Making small images fit larger nails. Stretching.
- Making larger images fit smaller nails. Shrinking.
- Conform to curves. (As I have very curved nails, this is a must)

If you take good care of it, it will last for a long time. So do not use acetone remover, only lint rollers or tape, and place it safe in a box between manicures. 

I am thinking about doing a rundown over all the different stamper heads that I have, and what they do best. It's a lot of work, so we will see about that.

I filmed me doing my nails, so if you are interested, check it out there. If you like this format, let me know in the comments below, and I can do more of them. I had a lot of fun filming this for you guys.

If you want a review of this plate, and a look at what you get for the bucks, check out this link.

If you want to get your hands on this plate as well

UK: Nail-Artisan UK £22.60
US: Beautometry $60.00
BR: Apipila R$99,99

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I received the sticky marshmallow stamper and scraper, of my own choosing, free of charge for my honest, non-bias review from the Born Pretty Store.
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  1. Great job! Love the colors used and love the design. How I wish I can do this too :)

    1. I think everyone can do this, it takes a little bit of practice, but 4 years ago I was a complete noob as well. I still remember what it was like, struggling getting my nails done.

      I am so glad you liked the design I picked out. I wanted it to be festive, without being too Christmassy.

  2. Cool review. I haven't tried the BPS stampers, I need to...

    1. Thanks! I tried to switch it up from the normal ones. This took forever to do though.
      But the Sticky Marshmallow stamper was actually really good, and been using it for a bunch of looks already to get a proper feel for it before posting this.

      ...but don't you already have a stamper head like this? Or was that just a sticky, and not a sticky marshmallow?


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