20 December 2015

Christmas Presents Under The Tree

A polish in this post was gifted to me, nothing further do disclose.

I can't believe that I have managed to do one post each day for 20 days on the trot!
When I set out on this 24 Days Of Nail Art Challenge for myself, I wasn't sure I would be able to get through it to the end. Here I am 20 days later, still kicking.
For a complete list over my Christmas themed nails so far this year.

I hope you all have had a great weekend! Me and my boyfriend went to the Christmas Market and drank Mulled Wine and had a nice stroll enjoying the lovely weather we had here in Northern Ireland. 

Before we went out I did my nails and took some pictures, this is what I wore.

Ard As Nails - Glamour. When I first saw this polish I knew I had to own it. The only other Gold Polish that I have is China Glaze - Midnight Kiss, and if you have it, or seen my posts using it, you know that it is on the thin side and requires a lot of coats (I usually end up using between 5-6 coats of CH - Midnight Kiss). This polish on the other hand needs only 2. If you got an unsteady hand, you might need 3.

The maker of Ard As Nails is the lovely Kat from Soap Dodger a fantastic lady that I have had the pleasure to get to know these last few months. I had some problems regarding my first purchase from the site, and Kat had it solved in no time.
One of the things that I always complain about here in the UK is the terrible customer service, and Kat proved to me that some people in this country cares. Thank you Kat for proving me wrong that all of UK gives terrible customer service. I needed that.

Back to Nails.

I grabbed Cheeky - Jumbo plate 6 - Happy Holidays. I have used this plate so much this month it has not left my table at all (!). If you want to see them all gathered in one place, check out this link here. 

I stamped two images from this plate using Wet N Wild - Black Creme. One artistic looking Christmas Tree, and some gorgeous presents.

'Ard As Nails - Glamour and stamping done with Wet N Wild - Black Creme using
Cheeky - Jumbo Plate 6 - Happy Holidays.

For more Christmas themed nails check out my other designs here.

A polish in this post was gifted to me, nothing further do disclose.
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