13 March 2016

Sugar Plum Bunicorns

Some time ago, I bought a Mystery Bundle from a Blogger Sale.
As some of you may know already, I have a love for Mystery Bundles.
For me, it's better than Christmas and Birthdays together. Small or large parcels containing something  related to nail art, be it polish, vinyls or stamping plates. Whenever I order from BornPrettyStore, Bundlemonster, or any other place that has a Mystery Bundle option, I get one.

This particular Mystery Bundle contained something I never thought I would own. Back when I started blogging all big nail bloggers seemed to own one. I suppose since I am now closing in on my 4th year here, having one, is sort of a milestone met. I was pretty excited to see ...

... a Lynnderella polish in my Mystery Bundle.

I pondered a while on what I should use underneath this glitter topper and settled on Barry M - Sugar Plum. This is one coat of Barry M - Sugar Plum with one coat of Lynnderella - Rare Pink Bunicorn.

Barry M - Sugar Plum with Lynnderella - Rare Pink Bunicorn

I did have to do some glitter placement and dabbing to get an even coat on my nails. The larger glitters seemed to favor placing themselves on my tips rather than on my actual nail. That being said I am very happy with the final result, and this is the look that I wore for Valentines.
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  1. This looks pretty nice, but I'm not a big fan of Lynnderella and I never really understood the big hype about the brand.

    1. Ye..I suppose it was something about them being so hard to get that created elitism in the nail polish world, or something.


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