25 May 2015

Barely China

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Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and do something new. I was feeling the mood today, and wanted to give this Color Club - Barely There a try. I received it in my April - Glossy Box.
I have been subscribing for a while now, and it's great for trying out new makeup items.
I am the kind of person that has no idea in the makeup isle, I tend to stick to things I already know works for me, and I am terrified trying out new stuff. Be it new colours or just a new texture.
I even have a problem with them changing the design on my BB cream. That was not a good day.
So when I get these little boxes, and they come with instructions and all, in to my own home, I feel more at ease. I have had some hits and misses, but I have also found some really great things.

Favorite so far: Coconut/Argan oil for my hair. I have been growing my hair for a while, and I am just getting past my hips now, and when I had it measured it was 80 cm / 31 inches / 2.6 feet.

But ya'all didn't get here to hear about my hair. Let's talk nails.

Color Club - Barely There

This is shown with 3 coats, and was a bit tricky to use, and to be honest it didn't wow me over or anything. I am trying to find a go-to-nude polish, and I can say for sure, this will not be it.
I wanted to give it a proper go, and wear it for a couple of days, so I grabbed my BornPrettyStore water transfers in "Traditional Chinese Painting Beauty Aspara Flat Peach Pattern (# 6076) that I purchased a while (and by a while, I mean last year), ago, and slapped them on.

To Jazz it up a little, I went with my Moyou London - Scholar Plate - 02 and my trusted stamping polish Wet N Wild - Black Creme and a black stud from a nail art wheel from Claire's.

BornPrettyStore - Traditional Chinese Painting Beauty over Color Club - Barely There. Stamping in Wet N Wild - Black Creme from Moyou London - Scholar Plate 02, and a black stud.

The water transfer was really easy to use, and I could slide them on my nails to correct the positioning after I placed them on my nails, which was great.

If you are thinking about purchasing from BornPrettyStore they offer free shipping worldwide, and if you use my code (RAMG10) you get 10% off your order. Clicking on the image below will take you straight to their site.

Until next time girls! Happy polishing!
Dina Ramse Training and Developement

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  1. This is gorgeous, I love nudes like this :) I also think it looks really cute with the nail art on top! xx


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