19 June 2013

Primark Haul

I have been to Primark in Manchester and I found a couple of things there that they don't have at my local one. Nail -stuff. Oh yeah.
Can't wait to try these out. Gonna be so cool.

14g of beads and a nail polish for £2.50,- not bad.
The polish reminds me of Sally Hansen - Brilliant Blush. Will be interesting to see how it preforms. The guide on the back says to use two coats of it before adding the beads. 

The glitter in this set has white and black bar glitters, and black and white round glitters. To be honest it looks like another "sticks and stones" dupe. I recently bought Maybelline - Chalk Dust, but though I should pick up this one as well, since this has the white bar glitters as well, and not as many different sizes to the other glitters. Worth having both. 

Browsing the wed I could not find a single entry about this set, so I was excited to see how they where going to preform. A swatch will be posted this weekend, so stay tuned. 
The instructions on the back says using 2 coats before adding the glitter polish. 
Neither of the polishes have names, or numbers. 

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