12 August 2012

Polish I haven't tried before - Casuelle

I had this Casuelle bottle of polish, in my collection. Never worn it, and I started wondering how it would look on my nails.
It doesn't have a name, just the logo. And I got it for NOK 29,90,- which should be about USD 5 / GBP 3.
I have been kinda "Meh" about this polish. But I decided to try it out.

As for application, it was a thick polish and it needed some thinner, and after some work it applied somewhat good enough. Drying time on the other hand, took forever... I mean forever (!!) I smudged this after an hour of letting it carefully dry.

I tested my Models Own - Aqua Violet over it. Turned out pretty nice.

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  1. What a genius combination! So pretty :)

    BTW, I'm a recent follower of yours and have tagged you for a Liebster Award :). Details are on my blog page.

    1. Added your questions to the blog post about the Liebster Award


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