21 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Surfin USA

Good evening ladies!

I took this challenge a bit different that a lot of the other girls did. 
I had art-block, and  Mishka from Lacquer or Leave Her! and I was chatting last night over Skype. 
We came up with the idea of focusing on "Surfin", and it made me think about "Surfin on the webz". And Mishka said I could make a computer mouse with the cord going over my nails. 
Needless to say: I loved the idea.

One coat of Sinful Color - Snow Me White.

- A bowl with a few drops of vodka ( I find it to work excellent for this, and we hardly drink it, so why not?). 
- A piece of paper.

Newspaper nails
Print a design you want on a piece of paper, use the "reverse printing" option on your printer. (most printers has that option) . Cut out a piece that fits your nail (leave some extra to make it easier to peel of), soak it in alcohol for 30 sec. Place the paper piece onto your nail (print down), and press it firmly down. I like to close a fist over the finger, while the alcohol dries, and the print transfers. This will take about 1 min. Take the paper of. Take a dry finger and rub it gently over the nail, to remove access paper. This will not smudge your design, so don't worry. 

Add topcoat to protect your design. (Some brands might smudge the print.)

But we are not done yet! We need the computer mouse. Its no Steelseries, but it will do.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. Sooo cute!! I never thought about printing out text and using that on my nails. I love fonts and now I can't wait to put my favorites on my nails! :)

    1. So many fonts...so little time...

    2. Send me a link when you do!

  2. Cute...love your take on this!!!!

  3. You are so sweet to share credit with me, but this was your idea. All I said was 'ooo, mouse!'. Everything else was all you. :) And it came out *great*. You know, I never even thought to try to do newspaper nails with printouts, but why not? I can't keep the toner where it should be anyway, it might as well be on my nails, lol. :) And, how cute is using the board as a prop? This rocks from start to finish. :)

    1. Thanks. If I hadnt chatted with you, I would (most likely) just swatched Dollish Polish - It`s a me, Mario!, instead of doing the challenge.

      Fun fact: On one of my nails, there is the HTML code for Copyright, and trademark, can you see it?


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