6 August 2012

Liebster Award

I received a FB wall post today, saying " I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Accept if you dare! >:-)" from Fancy Schmancy Nails.
I was also nominated by Try It With Carmella, and Nail Polish Creations, and Britta Rose Nails!!

The award is designed to give the small blogs around there some attention, and to quality you need to have less than 200 Followers.

The rules are as following:
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6. There's no tag backs.

11. Things about me:
1. I am a Guildleader, and a Raidleader in World Of Warcraft, and have played for 7 years.
2. I used to be Goth, cause my bother was... and he loves dressing me up.
3. I play roleplaying games, and LARP (live-action-roleplay). I play a noble woman in a Lord Of the Rings LARP every year, and I play DnD 3.5 once a week in an ongoing campain.
4. I am scared of my 100 - eye-shadow palette, and tend to only use nude or pearly eyeshadows. 
5. .. same goes with my outfits, I tend to safe it, with blue, black, white, grey. Yeah I`m working on it.
6. I`m really good at gardening, and designing gardens, and every year I spent a lot of time in random peoples gardens tending to much needed plants, and recommending plants to get. All for free, or.. well.. I am often fed, and given a bottle of fine wine. 
7. I met my hubby at a roleplaying -session 3 years ago, and I almost fell to the floor, over how sexy he was.
8. I have my own cup at work, and it can take 0.7 L of tea. 
9. I love love love tea, and have almost as many different teas as I have nail polish.
10. I love baking, and if I get the chance to show of my mad skillz in cakes, I will do it. And over-do it. With handmade marsipan flowers, and drawings with gelè.
11. I know belly -dancing. 

My 11 questions  from Fancy Schmancy Nails:

1. At what point did you realize you were addicted to polish?
It mush have been the day my hubby said we needed more storage for my polish collection. *giggles*

2. Who is your favorite Indie brand?
I haven't tried any Indie brands yet, but I will... one day.

3. What is your biggest polish lemming?
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire, or Cover Brands Lacquers- Sticks n Stones. I really, really want em.

4. How many times per week do you paint your nails?
4-5 maybe even more.

5. Of what achievement are you most proud?
Hmm.. That`s a difficult question. 
But I think what I am most proud of ( really personally stuff), is surviving. I am a foster child, and was placed in a home when I was 3 years old, and lets just say, it was not a good place for a child to be. I moved for myself when I was 14, and I am very proud of who I am today. 

6. What is the name of your pet?
Sadly, I don't have a pet.

7. Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunrise. My first date with my hubby, ended with us watching the sun rise over the ocean. We where awake all night watching Anime.

8. Which summer Olympic event is the most interesting?
I don't care for sports... I don`t know... Never watched it.

9. Where would you like to go on vacation if money was no object?
Japan - Tokyo. The city looks amazing, bustling with life, and so much to see, and do.

10. What is the title of your favorite book?
The Name Of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss.

11. What is your favorite quote?
"If you look at something with love, it will always be beautiful."

My 11 questions from Try It With Carmella:

1. If you didn't have to get up for work etc., would you be a morning or night person? 
I am a huge afternoon/early night person. Life starts after 16.00 that`s what I say.

2. What is your biggest frustration with blogging?
I want to make my blog interesting, and keep it up to date at all times. I wish I was better at taking pictures, but practice will only make you better, right?

3. What country are the majority of your readers in according to your Stats?
America, and Norway with Russia on a good nr. 3.

4. It's time to buy a snack but you can only get one. Do you go with the salty snack (chips, popcorn, pretzels) or do you go with the chocolatey snack (chocolate bar, cake, pudding)?
Chocolate mousse with crushy caramel in it!

5. If you're a nail blogger, how often do you do a new manicure? (If not nails, how often do you like to post about your topic?)
I redo my nails almost every day. I usually dont have time to do them on mondays, cause I have a gaming session in DnD, but all the other days I do my nails.

6. What decade were you born in? 
The 80s Girl!

7. What's your favorite TV show at the moment?
I was a toddler, during the 80s, but I have seen a lot of 80s tv shows later on, during most the 90s. Like "Full House", I loved that show, and "Skippy the bush kangoroo" (?)..

8. What type of weather do you love the most?
Thunder and storms are great! And candlelights and a good book. <3

9. Do you have any children?
Not yet, hubby is still studying, so we decided to wait with that.

10. Do you have any jewelery that you wear every single day?
My pearl earrings I got from my hubby our first Christmas together.

11. If you could save one sad situation in this world and give them a happy ending, which would it be?
Maybe some of the kidnappings/mysterious disappearing children. Like the one about Madeleine..

The questions from Nail Polish Creations 

1. What is your favorite method of nail art design?
Gradient and stamping, it looks really cool.

2. How did you get started in blogging?
I love writing and 6 years ago I started a Nerd Blog, and then I made a Cooking Blog, and now, a Nail Blog. I want to make an impact on peoples lives, to inspire. And why not do that with a blog?

3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Hmm. I try not to feel guilty of things I enjoy, but eating Ben And Jerry icecream seems to be the one, guilty pleasure I have.

4. What is your favorite thing to do when you're not polishing/blogging?
Cooking, and play World of Warcraft.

5. What's one place in the world that you really want to visit?

6. Are you a fruits and veggie person?
Fruits! I love mango, kiwi, pineapples, apples, plums, oranges, and so on and so on.. 

7. Close your eyes. What are the first three things you pull out of your purse?
Cuticle butter, Lipsmacker, and a nailfile.

8. Do you prefer the weather to be really hot or really cold?
Cold, cause then I can hide under a pile of blankets.

9. Do you have a job, if so do you like it?
Yes, I am a secretary, I love it.

10. What is your favorite quote?
See Q.12 from Fancy Schmancy Nails.

11. What polish brand do you spend the most on? 
So far.. My most expensive polish is YSL - Bleu Majorelle, but the brand I have spent the most money on is ESSIE.

Questions From Britta Rose Nails:

1) When and why did you start blogging?
See Q. 2 from  Nail Polish Creations 

2) How many bottles of polish do you own?
Something around 150 i believe, I need to count them again.

3) What color do you have the most of in your collection?
Blues, and teals. 

4) What is your first memory of nail polish?
My had a glitter pink polish when I was 7.. I used it to decorate my backpack. haha

5) What do your friends/family think of your hobby?
Most of them doesnt know about it, but those who do, loves it/finds it funny. Funny, cause I have been accused for being anti-feminist, and retro housewife, and nail art doesn't really fit in there..

6) What are your hobbies other than blogging?
I am a huge gamer. I play Roleplaying games, and World Of Warcraft (MMORPG).

7) What's your favorite nail polish color?

8) What would be your dream polish?
My Franken, that I called Han Solo Carbonated, was pretty much what I had wanted. 

9) What is something you love, but everyone else hates?
I love the smell of the printer. The warm smell of paper, and ink.. <3

10) What trends do you love?
Dotticures, its so cute!!

11) What trends do you hate? 
Fluffy nails. Ewww.

11 questions from Polish Cart:

1. Are you more into nail art or interesting layering combinations?
Nail Art for sure!

2. what color of polish do you hoard the most of?
Blue, blue, blue, and blue.

3. how long does it take you to do a full mani (base coat, top coat, clean up, etc.)?
I watch TV while doing it, so I give them loads of time to dry between each layer, so.. about 1 hour.
Without the TV, to distract me I`d say 30 min.

4. what's the first thing you want to do after a long day at work?
Read blogs, and get some dinner.

5. beach vacation or mountain getaway?
Mountain getaway. I don`t like beaches, too much people.

6. what's your favorite olympic sport to watch?
Non. I hate sports. I find it boring, tedious.. Blargh

7. retail or thrift stores?
No preferences.

8. what's the most you would spend on a pair of sunglasses?
10 pounds.

9. what location would you most like to visit (if cost were no issue)?
See q.5 from  Nail Polish Creations.

10. what was the first polish blog you remember reading?

11. what's your biggest polish lemming right now?
see Q.3 from  Fancy Schmancy Nails.

And then... my nominees:
Polish my Mind
The Misadventures of a Wanna Be Martha
Tales of Knit and Nails
Volatile Vanish
Nail Tales
Simply Handy All Year
Fancy Phalanges

My questions:

  1. What was your first response to getting this Award?
  2. Name your 3-5 favorite polishes.
  3. Tea or Coffee?
  4. Favorite Youtuber.
  5. If you stamp, whats your favorite stamping polish?
  6. What should you be doing now, instead of blogging?
  7. Who`s your favorite poet, and why?
  8. If you could make a polish, what would it be?
  9. Your favorite manicure you have ever made (link). What is it about it, that you love so much?
  10. 5 things you have within arms length from where you sit.
  11. Whats your game?

I hope you find some new blogs to follow. I was hard to narrow it down to only 11 blogs, but these are some of the best I have on my G-Reader. 

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. i just nominated you for this too without realizing! but hey at least you have another blog linking to you! :)
    To see your link on my page, go here: http://tryitwithcarmella.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-awards-help-promote-small-blogs.html

    1. aww thank you hun! I will make sure to answer your questions as well. :)

  2. Congratulations and thank you so much for nominating me, I'm really flattered :) x

  3. Congratulation on winning your award. I was so excited when I read your email. I did not realize how special I felt when I got it. So "THANK YOU"....


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