18 August 2012

Gamer Geek Chic FTW!

I have a confession. I am a gamer-geek.
With that, I don't mean I play a few games now and then. Oh no no no. I play almost every day.
I play World of Warcraft.

I am a female draenei mage!
I am a blogging fashionista attending to Dalaran`s School of Magic.
Some might call us space-cow, but I don't care, they are just jealous.
I am more sexy than a succubus, and you cant bind me.
High maintenance is just the beginning, I have more dresses than you got gold.

I am the guildleader, of "The Dominion Of Elites" - Darkmoon Faire (EU)

The Dominion Of Elites.

Mishka from Lacquer or Leave Her! and I, wanted to do a twin-post, with World Of Warcraft as our theme. We have been sending mile-long mails to each other, for a while now, and the idea of doing some twin-posts where born. Mishka is an amazing girl, she is really kind and just as much as a geek as myself. <3

I decided to do a tribute to my awesome guild. I have been the leader for the guild, almost 2 years now, and I truly love them. I am going to visit some of the officers and members when I go to the UK in September. 

I started out with YSL - Bleu Majorelle. It is the closest blue I have to Stormwind-blue. Its a nice cobolt blue, but it smells terrible. Urgh. I also used Midnight Kiss from China Glaze and a white striping brush/pen.

Dina Ramse Training and Developement

Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. Pretty cool!! I'm not a huge gaming nerd like yourself, but my husband and I do like to play LOTR and RPG games on our PS3 together :-P

  2. Neat mani....I used to play ALOT of rpg games on the ps3 with my son....just waiting on the new Final Fantasy one to come out!!

  3. This is awesome!!!! I love the representation of the guild tabard. Great job with this!!!

    1. Thanks, hun! I loved your druid mani. We have to do this again sometime.

  4. Love love love!!! I'm not as dedicated a gamer, but you've definately inspired me to create an Elder Scroll mani! I can't wait to see what Mishka has done! Lovely job, thanks for the post and inspiration!! :-)


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