4 August 2012

Time for Reflection over Tristam

Good morning everyone.
Its time to do some nail art.

Last night I swatched A England - Tristam.

Its sooooo Pretty. 
If you don't want to see me totally transform this polish, into something else, don't read any further. There might be tears.

I grabbed my Time for Reflection -  Essence, and did one coat over Tristam.

Wow! No trace of Tristam left. Totally transformed. Do you like it?

I did some nail art over it, I`m not a fan of how it turned out, but here it is anyway. Who knows, you might like it.

I sponged using Mystic Mauve - Models Own. Then I stamped with BM plate 316, in WnW Black Creme.
It might have looked better without the coat of Time for Reflection - Essence.

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.


  1. Good job!! Gorgeous color, & even more so after the (topper) 3rd step! I didn't dislike the final product, but I think it'd been pretty to stopped after step 3...I don't think I could get tired of that color lol!!

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, it was the stamping that made it an epic fail. My idea was a lot better, in my head, than the execution.


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