20 August 2012

Orange-a-peel with sunspots

I just got my first Indie-polishes, and I had to try Orange-a-peel. It reminds me of a close-up picture of the sun with sunspots. I know I'm a nerd. Haha.
Don´t know what I am on about?

Picture showing AR1339, from National Geographic.
No its not a Claude Monet, this is actually the surface of the Sun. Cool, right?
Anyhow... Back to polish. 

I wanted to to and create something like this with my new polish. 

I used two coats of Depend - 124, and one coat of Orange-a-peel. 

And now for the sunspot effect I sponged some black at the tip and base of my index finger.

Orange-a-peel is a fun polish, I am interested to see how it layers over other colors.
As for drying time. You should not use Out The Door topcoat on this one, after 1 hour it was still gooey. Sally Hansen Double Duty (that I happened to have in my bag), dried it in a few sec. (I have to remember to get a new one soon, cause its almost out. !!)

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