10 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Cocktails

Hi girls, I am so glad its finally weekend!
Its been a long week, for sure.

I have been filing documents, and working in the archive all week, and my cuticles are starting to feel it. I had to swap lotion, and have been using Hemp protector from Body Shop since Wednesday, my hands are just so dry. Usually I don`t swap to the Hemp Protector until winter arrives, but it was needed. They feel a bit better, but they will be needing a lot of love and care.

Tomorrow there is going to be a market, close to where I live. A Farmers Market. I love those. And my favorite supplier of Honey is going to be there, and that's good, cause I am almost all out of my lovely honey. And I would die, without my honey in the morning tea.

So, that's why my manicure today, kinda looks like my Hony-mani, I did last month. haha!
I better stop talking now, before I cry over my empty honey jar.

As Michelle from Lacquer or Leave Her, pointed out, I totally forgot to mention how I achieved this look. 

H&M - Yellow
H&M - Lemon Tree
Sinful Color - Neon Melon
Depend - nr. 124

You need:
a plate/sheet of paper, somewhere to pour  polish.
A makeup sponge.

I started with 5-6 drops of Yellow, dabbing it over the nails from the base and upwards. 
Then 3 drops of Lemon Tree, and went a bit higher up, and focused on getting it on the sides. 
3 large drops of Neon Melon and just dabbing all over.  Going in with 124 and the bald spots, and the tips. Some Yellow at the tips at the end. 

I used the same piece of sponge for all of these steps, I wanted it to look like the "muddiness" you sometimes find in some Whiskey Sours. 

To finish it of, I took the wheel I bought at Claire`s in Spain, with Fimo citrus. 
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  1. Cute!

    I love farmers markets too. If I know there's one in the area, I just HAVE to go lol.

    1. We only have them twice a year, one now, and one for christmas. so thats a bit sad, specially since I grew up on a farm.


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