11 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Day at the Seaside

Back and being cheerful. Today I have been at the Farmers Market, and bought some Honey. I get my honey from the same farm every single year, and its so good (!!). They live a few hours away from Oslo, so I cant really get there and buy whenever I am out of it. So the Farmers Market is my only shot at getting it. I was so excited!

I also had burger that was made with venison from Red Deer from "Løiten Gård", I visit them every year, and its the best burger I have ever had. Happy belly, lets get over to some polish.

Lets start out with an aqua color, by go to aqua is Depend 246. As seen bellow.

Lets add some waves to create the sea. BM - 209 has the perfect image.

I love this color, its amazing. Its so bright!

I left some space at the tips for a french, I used China Glaze -Blue Iguana. 

Makes me dream of going back to Spain, where my hubby's family has a house. Just lean back and relax. 

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  1. oh so pretty! makes me want to go back to Panama and enjoy of the ocean and sand.

    1. That would be lovely.. The only vacation I got left is a city vaca. So wont be summer, ocean and sand for me this year.


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