1 April 2016

Opulent Essences - Taste The Rainbow Collection - Grape

Many of the girls in the nail art community that I talk to almost daily has a love for purple. With this is mind, I am today showing you Opulent Essences - Grape. This neon purple is totally badass, so to soften the edges, I decided to combine it with glitter.

You can find a Live Swatch that I did over at my YouTube Channel for the entire collection, by following this link.

The following swatching picture is taken with one coat over one coat Sinful Color - Snow Me White.

Opulent Essences - Taste The Rainbow - Grape

I had recently purchased OPI - DS Lapis, and wanted to do some stamping with it, I thought this would be the perfect shade to match it up with.

I grabbed my Bundlemonster - Work It! BMXL177 and used the Ballett-work collage and one of the smaller ballerinas on the plate. I used OPI - DS Lapis for the ballerina, and Wet N Wild - Black Creme for the word collage over the ballerina.

Opulent Essences - Taste The Rainbow - Grape stamping done using OPI - DS Lapis and Wet N Wild . Black Creme with Bundlemonster BMXL177.

I showed this nail art to one of my friends who happen to be a ballerina, and she absolutely loved it.

Did this nail art look dance it's way into your heart?

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  1. Such a fun and bright shade!

  2. Love the use of to OPI DS Lapis to give the ballerina a good sparkle! I really need to get the Opulent Essences neon collection x

    1. Ballerinas need to sparkle too :P
      And the Opulent Essences neon collection is my new love in life. <3

  3. This is gorgeous and I love the stamping that you did also!


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