21 April 2014

The Secretary's - Franken - Beauty in the Beholder

This is the story about how a polish named "Beauty in the Beholder" came to life.

I have always wanted to make a polish with this name, and for a long time I have been wondering what such a polish would look like. When +Michelle Chouinard  from Lacquer of Leave Her! told me about Nayll.com (from whom I have recently ordered two glitter polishes from), this polish-name came back to me. As for how and what on the glitter polishes, that's a story for another time. 
I was looking at the shimmer options on Nayll.com, and thought to myself: "that blue looks exactly like something I got, and so does that grey there. I wonder if they make a good match". So I went ahead and mixed them right up. 

I also made another franken polish, with a slightly different combo, still with the same gunmetal grey colour as base I will have it up later this week. So in order of all things polish, for this, I mixed equal parts of BeYu - 377 and NYC - 272 Bowery Black. I then added a little gem to the polish bottle. 

Franken by The Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty in the Beholder

Franken by The Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty in the Beholder

There you have it, another franken by The Secretary's Nail Art. That makes it a total of four polishes that I have franken'd in my life. What do you think? Do you franken your own polishes sometimes as well?
Let me know in the comments below.
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