13 June 2013

Green of Envy

I needed something green, for my manicure today. Specially after seeing Mishka's Favorite Green post.

I settled for Sinful Colors - Exotic Green, and added some sparkles with Dancing Queen - Models Own, and finished it all off with some polkadots with Bobbing for Baubles - Essie. 

I am very pleased with Exotic Green. Drying time, and application was like a dream. Just the way it's suppose to be. I hear it's a dupe with China Glaze - Starboard, which was why I picked it with me, when I saw it on the display at Boots.


Sparkles all the way!!

I'm on a little holiday in Norway at the moment, so blogging have been sparse the last two weeks. I'm back in England on Monday, and will do my nails as soon as I land. I am expecting nail mail, and nail art supplies a plenty in my mailbox, so you girls are in for a treat (!!)
Can't wait to see it all. 

So excited!

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Secretary, Hiking-entusiast, Gamer and Nail Art Addict.

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