9 April 2014

As daft as a brush - or not

I went to The Works here in England a couple of days ago to look for canvases as me and my boyfriend are planning on painting our own art work for the living room. While I was there I found this amazing set of brushes for £2.99 with everything a girl can dream about. (I have taken out some of the brushes from the set, and added my other set that I use for nail art) The purple handle brushes are from another set I found at The Works for £1,99 earlier this year.

I am storing them all in a glass jar with some stones in it, to keep them organized and looking pretty on my nail station. I was very pleased with my old set, but my old clean-up brush was getting very wonky, and I wanted a larger flat and angular brush for those one-stroke flowers I keep seeing on Youtube. This set gave me what I needed and a few extra handy brushes as well. The chip brush will be great for the small DIY projects that I am planning, and the natural brushes will be great to have available when we are going loose on those canvases to decorate the living room.

What came in the set: 

Crawford & Black
22 Artist Brushes

Gold Nylon: Wash 3/4,1, Shader 2,10, Round 0,3
White Nylon: Shader 4, Liner 0, Round 3, Angular Shader 3/8
Natural: Round 2,4,8, Wash 1/8,1/2; Round 6
Bristle: Flat 2,6 Round 3
Chip Brush: 1 in
2-Foam Brushes: 1 in

Here is my jar of brushes. The brush in front there with the white handle is an old flat eyeliner brush from E.L.F Cosmetics and its completely out of shape and will be retired.

Did the title of the post make you wonder?
I heard it here the other day and thought it was a marvelous saying. My sources says it means "very foolish".
What is your favorite saying, let me know in the comment section below.
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