24 April 2014

Bornprettystore - haul

I have another haul post for you all. I purchased a couple of things from Bornprettystore. I had been eyeing a a nail polish removed pump for a while, and finally decided which one to get. There where a lot of different ones to choose from, not just from this site, but all over the webz.
I have had dealing with Bornprettystore previously, so I decided to go with them.
I actually ordered this pump last year, but the parcel never arrived, and Bornprettystore Costumer Service agreed to send the parcel again, and that one never turned up either. I don't blame them, I was in the middle of moving and might have missed the parcel-note from the postoffice. It was nice of them to send it again.
Now, with a new address and new country I wasn't gonna take any chances and when I sent my order I asked for tracking. 2 weeks later, the parcel was on my door.

It came in a recycled bubble wrapping envelop, and was marked as FRAGILE. It's been on a long journey, and it was in perfect condition when it arrived.

I was intrigued by the "Lucky Bags" so added one with various nail art items in it.
In my "lucky bag" I got a stamping plate, nail stickers and nail charms with the Chanel logo in pearls. Not really my thing but i payed $ 0.99 for it all, an I got nieces that loves getting my "hand-me-downs", and that are starting to understand the importance if having pretty nails (they just reached their teens). I will definitely test out the stamping plate.

My "Lucky Bag" content.

One of the things I really like about Bornprettystore is that you buy something, and get BPS-point for it, then, if you upload photos, videos, reviews, you get more points. More points means more BPS-point to spend on more stuff, which means more points, and more reviews, photos etc.. and so it goes round and round. As long as the products are good, and the price is good, I got no problem with it.

My Haul

1pc Embossed Texture Metal Style 3D Nail Art Stickers Pattern: 7#
1pc Embossed Texture Metal Style 3D Nail Art Stickers Pattern: 1#

1Sheet Vintage Letter Graffiti Map Stamped Pattern Design Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker - QQ-31
1Sheet Vintage Letter Graffiti Map Stamped Pattern Design Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker - QQ-28

1 Sheet Nail Water Decals Sticker Colorful Rose Flowers Cat Balloon Transfer Sticker #HOT049

1 sheet Colored Floral Flower Patterns Nail Water Decals Transfer Stickers - #1619
I did a manicure using the Water Decals #1619, you can see that post over here.

Nail Water Decals Sticker Traditional Chinese Painting Beauty Aspara Flat Peach Pattern - BPS016

I did a manicure using the BPS016, you can see that post by following this link.

In my "Lucky Bag"

In my "Lucky Bag"

In my "Lucky Bag" SE20 stamping plate

In my "Lucky Bag" the back of the SE20 stamping plate.

Be careful with the stamping plates, they have scarp edges. I am going to add a backing to it, so I don't cut my fingers again like i did when I opened the box.

1 Pump Dispenser Nail Art Polish Makeup Liquid Container Bottle

I can't describe how happy I am to finally have one of these, cleaning up brushes after nail art, and clean up is going to be so much easier. No more spilling acetone over finished designs and ruin them . I love this little baby.
That was all for today, I will be back with some nail arts using my new toys, and maybe I'll make a tutorial to those water decals too. I hear there is a trick to them. Let's find out together.
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