22 April 2014

My little Boots Haul

There is always one of those 3 for 2 offers running around, and this time I wanted to take advantage of the offer on Boots (UK). Basically anything in the makeup isle at Boots was on this offer. In terms of hauling, this is just a little one.

I  have been eyeing the Gelly Collection for a while, and purchased Barry M - Watermelon a while back, this time I bought a bunch of others from the collection, as well as some of the Silk Collection.

From the Gelly Collection
Barry M - Blueberry
Barry M - Dragon
Barry M - Lychee
Barry M - Plum

From the Silk Collection
Barry M - Meadow
Barry M - Blossom

I might go back and purchase more from these collections, but will see how they work for me first, this specially goes for the Silk Collection. I'm in love with how awesome Barry M - Watermelon was, so hoping the rest of the Gelly's are as awesome. Will systematically work my way through these polishes as the days come, so watch this space for some swatches and nail art with them.

I want to add some more white to Barry M - Lychee, I think that would be the perfect background for paper/newspaper manicures. If I do, there will be a franken post about it.

As you can see, I also bought another Nail Rock, I have quite the selection of these now, so I might have to try them out at one point, just waiting for the perfect moment. Well... it's like they say. There is no such thing as a perfect moment, you have to create it.

Hope you enjoyed my little haul. I will be back tomorrow with some swatches for you ladies.

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