24 April 2014

Moyou-London Haul

I am so excited over this haul. I wanted to get a couple more plates, but the ones I had my eyes on were sold out, so I only bought a modestly number of four plates. I am planning on doing another haul from Moyou-London soon. Their plates are amazing, so pretty and innovative.

I bought two of their Scholar Collection Plates, one Fairytale Collection Plate and one from their Sci-Fi Collection. I also added their stamper and scraper, on recommendation from Mishka over at Lacquer or Leave Her. She is such an enabler, she is awesome.

There you have it, everything I bought. I will be doing a little video on those plates, and you can find them at my YT-channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it. 

First up I want to show you the plastic scraper and stamper, below you can see it compared to my Konad set.

Moyou-London scraper and stamper next to my old Konad stamper and scraper.

The large stamper is the same size as my old Konad one, the with of the scraper is the same, but the Konad scraper has a larger area to place your fingers. Being used to the Konad scraper, I find the Moyou-London one a little bit small, but it's just something to get used to. The stampers from Moyou-London is super shiny, and feels a bit oily to the touch.

On to the plates. 

I love the design of these boxes/sleeves, they are so pretty. Such a genius idea that each of these plate collections has their own girl featured on the front, and that they all have special names. Like the Sci-fi girl is called Lilu. Cute. 

Do these plates fit in the Bundlemonster plate storage?

If the Moyou-London plates did not have the white backing, they would slip into the sleeves in the Bundlemonster plate storage, as you can see on this picture. So as for how to store them, I would suggest using the boxes/sleeves they come in, or a baseball card holder, or the binders made for these sized plates

How large are the designs/plate?

Here you see a standard Konad plate over the Moyou-London plate. It's 2 mm wider than the Konad one. On the plates that has full nail images like the Sci-fi Collection, the images are the same size as the Konad ones. 

But which plates did you get?

Kidding, I got stills for you. 
Often when I see people buying plates, I often wonder, what made you buy this specific plate (on in the case where someone buys ALL THE PLATES). So, I will stop after each plate and let you know what i think. 

Scholar Collection Plate 01. I have been wanting a plate like this for a while. I'm quite nerdy and just love this mathematical plate. You got equations, pie, Pythagoras, did I mention pie?  

This plate really was a no-brainer, I had to have it. Fairytale Collection plate 08.  The prince and the princess. As a HUGE Disney fan, this plate was shouting at me. I love the roses, the swirlies, the different royal embroiderer designs. So pretty.

Scholar Collection 02. I wanted to buy the entire Scholar Collection. I love books, and this plate really has it all. Quotes from Romeo and Juliet, ink spatters, a little Alice in Wonderland, and a feather pen. Writer to be or not, this is such a pretty plate. Those ink splats can also be used as blood splats, you know. Endless opportunities. As supplements the Fairytale Collection plate very well. 

Last but not least. The Sci-Fi Collection 06. This was the only plate in the Sci-fi collection i really felt the need to have. The rest of the collection is very childish, and not really my style. I feel that my Cheeky Summer Collection plates covered that area well enough for me. This plate has everything a computer geek needs to do her nails appropriate to her hobbies. You have motherboard designs and all sort of things. Awesome! This is a 1337 - plate. 

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