10 April 2014

Inspired by Fashion - Rag & Bone

I have been wanting to do some nail art inspired by Fashion for a while, but I wasn't quite sure what it should be of. When I saw the new collection from Rag & Bone, I knew what I wanted to do.

Marcus Tondo / Indigitalimages.com

First, I would never wear this myself, but I like the artistic expression in this outfit. The black crop top to the slightly pinkish boyfriend blazer with crop jeans in white. There is something about the cropped look of it all. 

For this look I used Bundlemonster plate - BM303 as an accent, stamping with Ciate - Speed Dial, Sinful Color - Snow Me White, Wet & Wild - Black, and NYX - Matte - Baby Pink.
It's been aaaages since last time I used Bundlemonster plates. I have been so caught up in my Cheeky plates lately. I suppose that's how it is, when we buy new plates all the time. 

Hey ho, that's life. Bundlemonster, you are not forgotten.

I know the pink is not quite right, I first tried mixing a soft pink with acrylics, but it didn't turn out very well. So I had to go with the polish for the finished look.

What do you think, want to see more "inspired by Fashion"-manicures?

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