23 April 2014

Barry M - Dragon

Today I have a very soft and girly manicure. It's my new Barry M - Dragon, with an accent using Barry M - Blueberry. When I fist bought Barry M - Dragon I thought it was going to be a very soft pink, and was surprised to see that it has some shimmer in it. Not much, but a little hint of shimmer.

Both from the Gelly collection.
Blueberry applied very smooth and nice, while as I was having more trouble with Dragon. I suppose it's fitting for the name... it did bring the dragon out in me. I think I ended up having to use three coats of Dragon while as I only used one coat of Blueberry. My main problem with Dragon was that it didn't even out properly, and after two coats I could still see a VNL. So after those three coats, it dried sloooowly.

I'm very happy with Barry M - Dragon though. That must be said. Time will tell if it stained my nails or not, being a blue, and all...

I kept looking at my mani wondering if I should do some nail art on it. What do you girls think?
I am open for suggestions.

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