30 April 2014

Moyou-London - Sci-fi Collection Plate 06

The front of the Sci-fi Collection Plate

The back of the Sci-fi Collection Plate

Sci-fi Collection Plate without the blue film

Sci-fi Collection Plate 06 compared to a standard Konad. 

Today I am showing you all the Moyou-London Sci-Fi Collection Plate 06. I wasn't overly keen on the rest of the plates in this collection but I knew I HAD to have this one. I love motherboard designs, and this plate is perfect for that. Below you can see the video I posted on YT a couple of hours ago, and at the end of it, you can see a preview of the manicure I did using two images from this plate. I will be back with a separate post for it. 

Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to subscribe to my YT-Channel for upcoming videos.
Have a great day.
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