26 June 2012

Dollar Nail Art - Haul

Hi everyone.
So I found this website called Dollar Nail Art . They sell foils, rhinestones, glitters, and striping tape, all for, well, the name, really says it all. A Dollar.

I couldn't resist such a great offer, so I bought a few items from it. I bought a set of three rhinestone wheels, since these are bigger than those I got when I bought my rhinestones from BundleMonster. And I find the BundleMonster wheels to be a pain to use. The lid is really hard to move, and they always ruin my polish.
And I have to say. I LOVE these wheels. easy to slide open, perfect size for the palm of your hand. LOOVE it.

I also got some foils, I have never used foils before, but the look really cool, and doesn't seem so hard to use. Seen some great guides on YouTube on how to use them.

Here are the once I ordered.
Those to the left is the Tidal Waves which gives you free Nail Foil Glue. I also got the Roman Marble, Snakeskin, English Rose, and Kashmir Gold.

I am so happy, with this purchase, it makes me wanna dance.

Have you bought anything nail-related that made you wanna dance?

See them on:
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  1. Lol! Yes, I was very happy when I found a flakie a few days ago! I've been thinking about buying foil. So I'm going to take a look at the website now.


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