3 January 2013

Beth's Blue Flowers

For this manicure I used Beth's Blue from Models Own.
I got it a few months ago, but haven't gotten around to try it yet.

It was about time.

The lady that worked at Models Own BottleShop, London told me to get this color, as it was one of her favorites. I cant say I'm impressed with it, specially not for someones favorite ... I think the color is just a bit off, for my skintone. Maybe that's why I don't like it?

I took some rhinestones i had on my desk, from a previous manicure, and looked at the other rhinestones in the set, and decided to go with some flowers today.

Rhinestones bought from Bundlemonster.

And I added a stem and a leaf with a striper from my striping set that I got from Ebay. 

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    1. and definitly not wintery. Haha. My landlord grabbed my hand and looked all confuzzled, and said: "Flowers? Now? What sort of Challenge are you doing today then?"


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