8 May 2015

Little Miss Piggy

I have seen this hashtag around with #boyfriendpicksmypolish, and I wanted to do it as well.
So I brought him in to the nail room, and asked him to choose a drawer in my Helmers, and pick a polish.

He selected Barry M - Gelly - Dragon.

I didn't want it to be too easy, and just do a plain manicure with this polish, so I asked him to choose an image from my stamping plates. I started with showing him my Cheeky plates, and his eyes found this little piggy on the Cheeky - Jumbo Plate 9 - Wild At Heart (check the link for a full view of the plate).
So I suppose that means I gotta have to show some Piggy-love on my nails. Who better to take inspiration from, than Miss Piggy and do something girly.

I used W7 - White as a background, and stamped the little piggy on my middle finger using Barry M - Gelly - Dragon. The image didn't stamp very well, and showed up very faint on my nails. The lines on the head of the piggy are just too thin.
I redotted the eyes, and took a striping brush and did some lines for the body, and added a button.

On the rest of the nails I made animal prints using a small angled brush.

Barry M - Gelly - Dragon

So there you go! I have done the #boyfriendpicksmypolish for the first time. What do you think?

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