11 June 2013

Magic Copper

I wanted to do something unique, something special.
..and it needed to be glitter.

Why glitter?
Well Jess Prosser suggested it on my FB-page , cause I was going away from a couple of days, and needed a durable manicure. So this is what I created.

First of I started with two coats of Wet and Wild - Black Creme, my ESSIE - Licorice seems to be missing in action. I prefer using the ESSIE one for these kind of things, and save my Wet and Wild for stamping. Oh well.

Then I grabbed Accessorize - Magic. I choose that polish cause it was the first glitter polish I used on this blog, you can see that post here.It has micro glitters and small hex glitters. In different lighting you will be able to see that it picks up color variation from dark purple to bright pink. Its chunky, and pretty much a full coverage glitter. As all the Accessorize glitters from their 3D collection was ( this is the only one I picked up).

This step is also where all the fun started. For I wasn't happy with just doing a coat of that, and be done with it. No, I was going to do some heavy duty layering.
I grabbed my Mavala - Copper Glitter. I have had it for ages (before I even started blogging), and never used it, until today.
So I took of as much glitter as possible, and started with an almost "dry" brush with Accessorize - Magic, dabbing was no use, as the coverage was still so thick, but what I could do was do a little bit of Magic, then some Copper Glitter over, since Mavala - Copper Glitter is in a clear polish, it would make the manicure more on the jelly side. In the end, it must have been about 7 carefully places layers of Copper Glitter and Magic. a little bit here, and a little bit there.

I even did an accent, where instead of starting with Magic, I started with Copper Glitter.
As I continued the work, it made me think of Fantasy Fire, more and more. So in a way, this is Max Factor - Fantasy Fire made in glitter.

What do you girls think?

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