11 November 2015

Classic Halloween with Barry M

Halloween is over and I wanted to share this Halloween manicure I didn't get it up on my blog in time for the event. This one is perhaps a little more conventional Halloween than my previous ones.

Zombie Pond
Zombie Love - A Pretty Serious Production

I must have done 4 different designs using these two polishes and various Halloween plates and settled on this look .

One of my attempts started out like this:

Gradient using Barry M - Gelly - Satsuma and Barry M- Berry Cosmo

Once I got the design on, I hated it, and didn't feel like doing the gradient all over again. So this is the only picture of that attempt.

Oh, that gradient thou. Looks great. 

For this manicure I used Barry M - Gelly - Satsuma and Barry M- Berry Cosmo.

Sidenote: Barry M- Berry Cosmo falls between Barry M - Vintage Violet and Barry M - Gelly - Plum in shade and if you got the previous two, and love purples, check this one out as well.

I dug out some Bundlemonster stamping plates, as I have been so obsessed over my newer plates lately that I felt like going back.  BM - 305. Pumpkins!

A Classic Halloween manicure using Barry M - Gelly - Satsuma and Barry M- Berry Cosmo

Sadly I didn't manage to get this one out on my blog in time for the festivities, but there you have it. A Classic take on a Halloween manicure

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  1. That side note.. it's like you're speaking to me directly, lol; I love both those polishes mentioned there and am still pondering whether to get Cosmo too or not.
    And yes, that gradient is super cool!

    1. I have to admit, you were on my mind when I wrote the side note...
      Get Cosmo! Okay?! :P hehe

      I might just have to do that gradient again... maybe

    2. ...curse you, I'm on asos as we speak/type, lol, looking for it (they often have pretty cool offers there); and with all this talk of gradients, I'll have have to try one with all 3 polishes. :)

    3. OMGosh that is an excellent idea! I bet that would be amazing.
      If you are thinking about getting the newest collection of the blackened Barry M's I want to let you know that Barry M - Gelly - Black Currant is like a mixture of Nightshade and Plum. So if you got those, not really a "staple" in anyones collection.

    4. Great info, thanks! Though these Midnight Gellies seem pretty great, they're just a tad too blackened for me - I like my purples obviously purple. :D

    5. I completely agree with you! Purples need to be purple.
      The only Midnight Gelly I liked was the Barry M - Gelly - Black Pistachio


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