25 June 2013

It's a Rain Forest Safari

Lets go to the Jungle!
Or something like that. This polish has it all. This is so cool, I brought it with me home.
My nail polish collection weight more than me... I think I have hit 300, but can't say for sure until I get my spreadsheet updated.

Barry M - Watermelon makes my nails look so perfect it's insane. EVERYONE should own something like this. The Gelly collection is amazing. I need more of them, thats for sure.
I wasn't actually gonna get these, but I was sent a huge shopping list by a blogger in Norway to get for her in the UK, and most of the Gelly collection was on it. I know she has good taste, so I grabbed one. Only one.
And it was this one.
I love it.

One coat of Barry M - Watermelon, and one coat of Maybelline - Rain Forest Canopy.
I did an accent version of this manicure as well, and not just a layered look. So you can see that the colors are just made for each other.


After topcoat.

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