30 June 2013

Update: Stash list

Since I moved to England last year in November I have been storing my polishes in boxes. This to make it easier to pick them up and move again. This was never suppose to be forever. It's been a great experience, trying to live in another country. It's time for me to move back. Back to Norway. 
I will still visit England as often as possible. I love the shops here; the factory stores, the local markets, towns, and the hills. I have had so much fun. Shopping for nail polishes for friends back in Norway, running around shops with three and four lists with names. I have truly enjoyed it. 

8 months ago, it has been like a very very long vacation. It's time to get back in the saddle, and get back to office-work. Once a Secretary, always a Secretary. 

Before I moved I had barely broken the 150 mark. Now? I counted 279 just before the weekend, and I have picked up 3 polishes since then. 

And I will use this opportunity to show them all to you.  

I recently bought two new boxes for storage. These are double the size of the ones I have been using up until now. I had 8 small boxes.

SmartStore Classic, bought at Clas Ohlson. Very sturdy, and kept my nail polish safe when I flew over to England last year. 

A mountain of polishes.

Sorting polishes after colours is tiring work, Chance is taking a nap after all that work.

All dusted and placed in their new homes. Top right you can see my foils and some leftover greens since their box was full. Might need to get another large box for the greens. 

Lilac and Purple!
Brown, Nudes, Greens, Pinks, Black and Greys!

Reds, White, Topcoat and Basecoats, Orange, Yellows, Glitters and other toppers.

Foils, Beads, and four greens that didn't fit in the Green box.

Wondering what colors I got?
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