4 June 2013

Feather nails for days you fly high.

Yesterday I posted about my holo-nails, today I did a little twist with them.
I added Jaye Bird from Invogue as an accent.

I have been on the move here and there these past few weeks, I'm getting a tad tired of all the travelling. Every time I'm in Norway I bring with me a "candybag" full of polishes from the UK, to blogger-friend of mine in Norway. Due to all the hassle with Royal Mail, we figured this was the easiest solution. I usually only travel with hand luggage, and I'm allowed the total of 1 liter of fluid with me on-board. I sure use it all.
She was the one that got Invogue on my shopping list. She wanted all the "Suede" ones from the brand, and since she was getting 3 of each of them it emptied the store completely, I wanted to get something else within the same brand. This baby was needing a home. It was the last one of its kind. Slightly dusted in the back. Alone.

I used 3 coats of Make Up Mekka - Siw, and 2 coats of Invogue - Jaye Bird.
It needed a bit moving around to cover completely, as you can see, I still got some bald spots.
I really like how this turned out. I might get some more of those feather polishes.. Might.. Lets see.

3 coats of Make Up Mekka - Siw. 
Taken indoors with indirect sunlight.
What do you think? Am I too late on the band wagon with this feather-look?

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