21 June 2013

My ship is loaded with Kiwi

I fancied using some of my fimos today, and grabbed them all and spread them out on my table.
I have a few. Last year I was given some fimo stick by a girl I bought some polishes off. One of the sticks have a kiwi image on, so I decided to use that.

Not long ago I purchased Accessorize - Dragonfly. Mishka from Lacquer Or Leave Her! wanted me to swatch this one first, so here it is.
 A milky green polish packed with small round blue glitters. I used three coats of it, and left the long finger for an accent. For the accent I used Sinful Colors - Exotic Green, and I then added three slices of kiwi on top.

A note to be made. This polish; Dragonfly .. it's a bugger to get of, it might just be my basecoat or just my nails or whatever, but I was really struggling with removal here. But look at it! It's a stunner. So worth it!

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