28 June 2013

Cheeky Girls Challenge: Ship o'hoi

It's time for another Cheeky Girls Challenge. Summer hit in an a ship loads of other challenges so we completely lost track of this one. But we are back. Today me and Mishka from Lacquer or Leave Her! will be showing you two different ways of using this plate.
We selected the ship image on this plate.

To be honest. I did one ages ago (03. may), but wasn't very happy with how it turned out, so I got two for you today.

Let's start with my fail manicure.
I used Sinful Colors - Kissy, it took three coats for full opacity. Then I stamped with Mash - 50, using Wet n Wild -Black. I finished it off using various versions of Cheeky plate - CH49. Two full stamps and two isolated pictures.

Taken and edited 3rd of May, so still with the old watermark.

That's just too messy. Can't use that. I was thinking. See those tiny black spots on my skin? That's thorns. I was gardening like crazy, and had loads of tiny thorns all over my dinky little hands. I feel so sorry for them.

So, when I chatted to Mishka recently, we agreed to take this challenge up again, and really stick to it, and finish the series. We are on CH49, not that many plates left. If you are interested to see all the manicures I have done using the Cheeky Summer Collection you can either enter Cheeky -> in the search box over here, or you can visit my FB page, and there is an album there with all the pictures. 

And now for the second manicure made using the CH49 plate from Cheeky Summer Collection. Let's make this one count shall we?

I started out with two coats of Depend - 246. I think this is the second time I use this polish. Kid you not.
I then grabbed a handful of different colors and got a palette out for some mixing. The colors where as following (I don't have a step to step guide for this).
Sinful Colors - Exotic Green
Beauty UK - Glam Nails Nr. 67 - Bon Bon (sheer orange)
Claire's - 152 (sheer sheer bright yellow)

Since all the colors are somewhat sheer, they work great for this kind of projects.
Mix mix mix and look what we get.
Then I stamped using W7 - White.

And there we have it. A fresh, summer-y pirate manicure. For Mishkas manicure head over to Lacquer or Leave Her!. 

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