12 January 2015

Leopard prints over gradient

I am sure this don't just happen to me, you sit there with a vision in your head, and when you pick up your stamping plates, you have a plethora of images that could fit the vision, and you have no idea which one to choose (?).

I wanted to do leopard-nails, and when I finally decided on colours to use as background, and grabbed my plate I noticed that I have quite a lot of different ones.

So which one should I choose?

Would I use one of the leopard prints (there are three different ones) from Cheeky - Jumbo plate 9 - Wild At Heart, or CH1?
Would I use the one from Bundlemoster plate BM-221?
Would I use the one from Mash-40?
Would I use the one from my Konad m57?

So I am sitting there with 7 different leopard prints, and I am wondering if I should just freehand them, as I am having a hard time to choose.

While I was thinking hard about what to choose I went and did the sponge gradient I wanted as the background.

I used W7 - Royal and sponged Yes Love - Shiny Glitter - 27 on the tips. Using PVA glue around my nails to make it easier to do the clean up. I am so glad I did, the Yes Love polish was tricky to clean up and I had shimmering particles on my skin for a loooong time after I had the mani removed.

I am sure there are some of you that actually will be able to guess which plate I ended up with here. For the rest of you I can tell you that I used the Cheeky - Jumbo plate 9 - Wild at Heart.

I hope you liked this manicure. It is not like me to do animal prints, but sometimes I am brave and try to embrace the wilder sides of nail art. 
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