30 June 2013

Rearranging my stash of plates

For a long while now I have been wanting to do something with my plate storage. 
I went to Poundland and found this small Photoalbum that was 2 for £1. 

20 sheets of plastic pockets

What you need

Glue the outside well, and wrap it in the paper, just like you would with a library book / school book. 

Minor wrinkles, but it looks alright.

Glue the edge on the inside and voilà.
I'm stacking them double in one sheet, and only storing one set/collection of plates in each album.

Additional / Optional. Trace the middle on each sheet, and show each pocket into two (horizontal) Cut it open in the top of the lowest part (if it is open in the top of the sheet) to add the plate.
I recommend not storing two plates in each pocket, as that can be very heavy for the plastic.

Previous posts about organizing and how I have stored my collection.

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