6 October 2015

Zombie Love A Pretty Serious Production

I have never been a fan of "all things scary", I am the person that hides behind the couch when the big orcs in Lord Of the Rings comes on... to my defends I was 13. My imagination is far too good, and I scary myself on a daily basis, don't need the help from scary movies.

I am a fragile little butterfly. You may call me a wuss now. It's okay. 

When I saw the Uber Chic Zombie Love stamping plate I knew I had to own it. I am not sure exactly why, as I don't really like Zombies...

During my  #51in15 (a challenge in which you try to play 51 games in 2015, that I completed in June), I came across a lot of boardgames with a Zombie Theme. This warmed me up to Zombies, so while I am still not okay with the movies (except Warm Bodies), I am starting to see the fascination.

I recently got my hands on some Pretty Serious nail polish. This is an indie brand that I have been wanting to grab for awhile now, and they got some pretty awesome stuff. Today I have Pretty Serious - Gruesome Groom for you. A mossy green with red hex glitters, and there was no need for fishing, and applied like no other. I used two coats. 

Sections used from Uber Chic - Zombire Love LTD stamping plate

I stamped using Maybelline - Bleached Neon - Citrus Collide, as I just got it from Poundland, and was on my desk. I am pretty happy with how well it stamped. 

Pretty Serious - Grusome Groom stamped with Uber Chic - Zombie Love LTD stamping plate

Pretty Serious - Grusome Groom stamped with Uber Chic - Zombie Love LTD stamping plate, posing with Zombie Dice a Steve Jackson Game

I had to pose with my favorite Zombie Game, Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson.

What do you think?
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  1. Love the colors and stamping! I have only on Pretty Serious nail polish, the golden texture polish, Dimension X, it's the most beautiful I've seen! Oh, and I'm a scary little wuss! :D

    1. So glad i am not alone.
      Thank you for your comment! Totally made my day

  2. Great stamping and love Grusome Groom.

    1. It truly is a remarkable nail polish. Very fitting for Halloween.

  3. While your nail art is great, I'm totally with you on this topic...blergh, not for me! :)

  4. I love this! The plate looks incredible. I might have to track it down. Fab mani x

    1. Do note that this is a limited plate, so once sold out, it might not be available again.
      It's an amazing plate, and I really love it.


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