11 February 2016

Uber Chic Beauty - Fairytale 01

A while ago I purchased the Über Chic Beauty - Fairytale 01 stamping plate directly from their shop. Since then Über Chic Beauty plates have also become available from She Sells Seashells  a nail art shop in the UK.  This cuts down on shipping and VAT cost for us UK people, and I am very happy for that.

I had been pondering for a while which image to use from this plate, and settled on something cute, since Valentine's is coming up very soon.

I have really wanted to use more of my indie polishes and this time I got Girly Bits - Promise Me. This is actually one of the few mini polishes that I have, for a long time it used to be the only one and had a special place in a small Plexiglas Box for displaying purpose.

Girly Bits - Promise Me stamping using Uber chic Beauty - Fairytale 01 and L'oreal - Sweet Amethyst

Girly Bits - Promise Me is such a pretty soft pink polish with small hex glitters. There was still some VNL after 2 coats, but I am sure that would have been sorted with one more coat. It was not visible to the naked eye, you really needed to turn a macro camera at it to see. 

I used my Clear Jelly Stamper to line up the "Princess" image on my ring- and little finger. The image was taken at an angle where you can't really tell that it is written twice on each nail, but I am so happy with how it turned out.
I think I am starting to get the hang of the usage of the Clear Jelly Stamper.
I also purchased one with a clear holder, and I think that works a lot better than the purple holder.

Clear Jelly Stamper from Nail Artisan UK - link to my YouTube video of Nail- Artisan UK Haul.
Clear Jelly Stamper from BornPrettyStore - link to my Youtube video of BornPrettyStore Haul.

For a full review of the Uber Chic Beauty - Fairytale 01 stamping plate check it out below, or head over to my Youtube Channel

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