17 June 2012

Franken This!

Hi everyone. Today I have a special blogpost, I just made my own polish. *pic-spam*

So to make this I used some leftovers from a clear polish, I don't think its made anymore, its Nivea - 01 Crystal.  My first polish, and I got it when I was 8, and found it in a park.
Then I mixed in a mini bottle (0.1 fl oz/3.2 ml) from H&M  in Blue (36681), used some more clear polish to get all the blue out of the mini bottle. 1.6 ml, to be exact.  Then I finished off with 1.5 ml Essence nail art topper - 05 night in Vegas, and 1.5 ml Essence nail art special effect topper - 05 time for reflection.
Hope I didn't go all to technical on you.

What do you think?
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  1. Very nice shade you've made there :)

    1. Thank you. As the first bottle I have ever mixed, I am very happy with the result. Have you ever mixed one on your own?


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