11 June 2012

Lilacism with Lilac Lace

Today I did another French. This time I used two of my purple shades.
ESSIE - Lilacism (ringfinger and tips), and Glossfinity from Max Factor - Lilac Lace.

This picture looks pretty spot on when it comes to colours.
Lilacism is a pastel, and even thou Lilac Lace looks matte in the bottle it tries glossy.
Since my ringfinger is shorter than the others ( I broke the tip, at work), I decided to make that finger an accent. Using silver teardrops rhinestones in the shape of a flower.

It was hard to capture it on the camera, I must have tried like a 100 times, but I did end up with a few pictures that would show of the colours to these two polishes.

Im thinking about stamping them, what do you think?


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