19 June 2012

Shaded Blues

Sorry for not participating in the Summer Challenge. I didn't quite feel like it today, here is my first sponged mani, ( well.. I just sponged the tips, but its a beginning.

One coat of BeYu - 142

One coat of NYX Matte - Teal, on half.

Depend - 246 sponged on the tips and stamped BM plate.

I used three different blues for this mani, and French White from H&M. This is the first time I have ever sponged polish, and I am very pleased with the result.
BeYu - 142, NYX Matte - Teal, Depend - 246, French White - H&M. Using Bundlemonster plate - erhm, where is that plate now.. 

Ill let you know when I find it.

Did my besties nails as well with NYX Matte - Teal.

NYX Matte - Teal. Matching the coffee cup we went out and got after I had done our nails.

Let me know what you think in  the box bellow.
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