30 June 2012

Summer Challenge - Ice Cream Sundae

I just got 4 polishes from "innisfree" in the mail. They are vegan, and have no bad chemicals in them, and no Smell (!), I bought them on Ebay.

The summer challenge for Ice Cream Sundae was a while ago, but I worked overtime that day so I didn't get a chance to do them, so here they are! They remind me of ice cream, and they look so yummy I had to go and get some sprinkle ice cream.

This is a two coats of 81, and there is still VNL, so I think this would be better for layering over other polishes. Will do one tomorrow.

I broke all my nails on the right hand, while packing our office. We are getting a new office in august. Cant wait. Its so exciting.

Its a good opportunity to test my Sally Hansen - Maximum Growth.

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    1. Thanks. I`m thinking about painting my nails bright pink, and use this over it. Think its a good idea. Will post it tomorrow.


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