14 September 2015

Über Chic - Limited Edition - Zombie Love

Hello everyone. I went on a huge online shopping spree not long ago, and the parcels are now arriving one by one. 
One of the things that I purchases was the Über Chic - Limited Edition - Zombie Love stamping plate. Hallowing is coming up next, and I wanted to be ready this year for some Ghoulish Demands. 

This year I might actually participate in a Zombie Event. They were hiring "improve theater people", and I sent my application couple of weeks ago. Since I do so much roleplaying, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for me to show of my skills, as well as trying Zombie life out.
I am usually not the Zombie in these kind of events, but a Zombie Hunter.

...But all of you didn't come over here to look at my Zombie Hunter outfits. Why would you, when I got an awesome stamping plate to show you. Without further ado:

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I hope you all enjoy the video I put together, I had a lot of fun making it. Below you can find a still image of the entire plate. I was playing around with my scanner and found a great way to get good pictures of stamping plates. 

 Über Chic - Limited Edition - Zombie Love 

The plate can be found at Über Chic Beauty's web page and cost $14.99.

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  1. Ooooh... Pond manicure with these, perhaps?!? :)

  2. Replies
    1. It truly is. I was playing around with this yesterday and there was so much cool images you could do with it.


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