25 September 2015

Girly Bits - PAA Scandinavia Custom - Scandilous

Last year, the Facebook group for Scandinavian Nail Polish Lovers also called PAA Scandinavia, decided to get a nail polish that would be ours. One that we could join around and love, together.
Several month of discussions and asking different makers, the choice landed on Girly Bits, and she made us Scandilous.

If you are from one of the Scandinavian countries and not a member, follow the link and join us. 
They might be the best group of enablers I know.

Girly Bits - PAA Scandinavia Custom - Scandilous is a very lovely shade of blue, and it has some small hex glitters in it. I think it looks perfect with my pale skin.

Girly Bits - PAA Scandinavia Custom - Scandilous
I noticed the reflection of this polish on my desk while working, with tiny shiny lights dancing over my desk as I was typing. I wanted to amp it up and added some glitters.

Ages ago, I bought a stack of loose glitters to use for nail art, today is the first time I use it. Like any good hoarder, I have kept it in my stash all this time, for this moment.

Nail Art Stack Pots from New Look (2013) - blue hex glitter

I added a couple of them using a fanbrush while the topcoat was tacky. After I was happy with the result, I added another layer of topcoat. I am amazed over how well this polish and glitter help up. It survived a couple of rounds doing dishes and handling laundry.

Now when I type in the office there are tiny reflections all over my desk. Quite lovely distraction.

Reflection of Girly Bits - PAA Scandinavia Custom - Scandilous with added glitter


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  1. I love what you did here and I love how you photographed it!!

    1. Thank you! I had to try to capture the sparkles somehow. It took quite some time to get a good shot.


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