17 September 2015

Germany Haul

I had a great holiday in Germany this summer, and I wanted to share with you all the nail polishes that I got. Before I left for Germany I scouted out some places to go shopping for nail polish while I was there. Google did not provide me with the greatest results, so I decided to write this post about my shopping trip for others who are also looking for where to buy nail polishes in Germany.

My first stop in Munich, the capital of Bavaria Germany was Sonnestrasse where I found a Euro Shop. This is sort of the same as Dollar Store, 100 Yen Stores or the Poundland/Poundworlds.
Beside the lovely multicoloured yarn I found for my mother, I also found a glitter polish from a brand called Sabrina, and some fimo animals.

Following Sonnestrasse, I got to Karlsplatz, here I found Karstadt which proved to be a HUGE disappointment, as I wasted almost an hour looking through the place, but no nail polish. This might have been due to the remodeling of the place, but I saw no evidence of nail polish, except for the usual suspects like Chanel, and YSL which you can get cheaper at most airports.

Later I decided to give Willy - Brandt - Platz a try.  Here you can find a KIKO store as well as several  Parfumerie in the second floor. If you have time to grab a bite, I would recommend checking out Ristorante Pizzeria Calabrone. The owner was super nice, and the food delicious. 

The KIKO store had a huge sale, so there was practically no polish left on the shelf, but I did managed to snap up these four.  It is, in no particular order; Kiko - 492, Kiko, 534, Kiko - 497 and Kiko - 531. (links lead to posts using the polishes)

 I found one of the Harry Potter themed Catrice polishes, so I picked that one with me. It was the Catrice - 46 - Berry potter & Plumbledore. I also found Catrice - 680 - Khaki Perry, Catrice - 59 - First Class Up-Grape, Catrice - 03 - Have An Ice Day which is the Million Styles at the right in the picture, and Catrice - 60 - Out Of The Dark.

Catrice Haul

For the rest of my trip around Bavaria Germany I did not find much in terms of nail polish, but I had a great holiday and got to see some amazing places. The best part I think was rowing a little boat in the Alpe See for an hour.

You can see me use Catrice - First Class Up-Grape over at my YouTube Channel, doing a tutorial for Wired Nails
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  1. Wow!!! You seem to have great sets of nail colors. Hope to see swatches of the Catrice Haul.

  2. I actually wore KIKO - 534 in the Bundlemonster Shangri-la stamping plate review, and Catrice - 59 - First Class Up-Grape for the Wired Nails tutorial last month. The rest of them will get there in time :)


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