7 September 2015

Technicolor Entertainment

I was going to a musical, and wanted a special manicure for the occasion. The musical was Rent by Jonathan Larson, preformed by the local theater group here in Northern Ireland, marking the end of summer.

Lately I have been buying a lot of indie nail polishes, and I wanted to use one of them.
I promised you girls to follow up on #itrustindiepolish and mainly fature indie polishes on my blog this month, so I am very excited to kick it off with this manicure.

After thinking long and hard, I ended up with Nail Pattern Boldness - Le Big Party.
I even went full on glitterati (!).

Recently I was browsing Poundland, and I came across a set of nail charms "accidentally" ended up in my shopping cart... I am sure we have all been there. Nail stuff; in the shopping cart it goes.
The brand is called Allure, and I think most my nail charms are from that company, they usually have really cute Christmas themed ones, as well as cute bejeweled bows, that I have worn on a couple of occasions.

Nail Pattern Boldness - Le Big Party

It took 3 coats and a bit of dabbing to get it to cover perfectly. I am very pleased with the final look, and it did award me some compliments at the musical. Job well done.

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    1. Cute isn't it? ..and it hid my terribly low break as well.
      I got one in silver too.


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