21 September 2015

Holographic whiteout

I recently got a pop-up lightbox, but haven't set up my lightbox stuff yet, as I am still waiting to get the light sorted. Still daylight enough around these parts to get some decent shots.
So I decided on giving a holo polish a go.

I had gotten my hands on a Nfu-Oh polish. Nfu-Oh-065 actually.
Sky blue holo.

I found it to be streaky, and not at all too my liking. I think I have been spoiled with great A England holographic polishes. Too bad they don't got a sky blue, but they do have a  cerulean blue (sorta the same, right?) so I might need to get that. 

Despite the application hiccups and the 4 coats (still showing bald spots darn it)...
I think it looks good. 

I even did some stamping over it, but as I used white, it was completely washed out by the holo-ness. 
I used the Bundlemonster - Polynesia - BM - XL109, a bird and palm image.
If you want to see my review of the plate, check out this post. 

I have been wanting to get my hands on Nfu-Oh polishes for awhile, as I LOVE the bottles, but the experience was not all that awesome.

Nfu-Oh - 065

I suppose this is not really an indie polish, so you will have to excuse me there. There will be plenty of indie polishes on it's way.
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  1. What a pretty colour, but sucks when the formula is crap.

  2. There is a base you can buy that supposedly makes it easier--I don't bother with that. My advice is several VERY fast coats--going over the same spot is death as you found out. Honestly, I've found other silver holos I like just as well, and now I use this one for stamping--it's such an awesome stamper. :)

    1. Yes, I have heard of this Aqua base, Nfu.Oh sells it for waaay more than I am willing to pay for a base just to make one polish look better.

      I will attempt to stamp with it then.


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